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CYCLE -  a series of events or operations that recur regularly and usually lead back to the starting point.

The CYCLE SET is a pair of mirrored necklaces. Each one is a little different but so similar in many ways. Just like you + your bestie, or maybe like your mama. 

PLEASE NOTE: With the purchase of this product you will receive 2 necklaces of the same length, with opposing pendants. If you'd like 1 of each metal or a different length for one than the other, please leave me a note a checkout. 

Inspired by the way Mother Nature creates beautiful, evolving vessels in rocks & beach logs. By visualizing these natural vessels as metaphors for our own inner vessels this collection allows us to process and hold space for our experiences as they evolve within us over our lifetime - just as the earth is shaped and reshaped by the elements.

I invite you to honor your own inner vessels with an object to serve as a token of it.

Carved in wax and lost wax cast in either brass or sterling silver. Hung from a coordinating 14k gold fill or sterling silver chain.

MEASURES: .5"X 3/8"

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