June 17, 2017

We've teamed up with Photographer & Creative Producer Danny Owens again for our Summer Look Book for the Fragment Collection. We couldn't have been happier with the results.


Producing new work is a monumental task. Between the initial sketching all the way through producing the finished pieces - it's challenging, exhausting, thrilling, and fulfilling. Once the collection is complete I'm tapped out. I find it hard to put my self in a place where I can dream up how to make these pieces look good in photos for a look book, let alone find a model, style the clothing, and scout a location. Enter Danny. He is the creative producer exhausted artists dream of. He took my tiny visions and dreamed up something more spectacular than I could have done on my own.


I drove to Portland to meet him and his Stylist, Danielle Davis and the Model Emily Mills. We headed east towards Rowena Crest and photographed along the way. It was incredibly windy which presented a challenge we weren't entirely prepared for but which everyone - especially Emily handled like a champ. 


I'm incredibly grateful to these people for creating comfort in knowing that I don't (and can't) have to do it all. As a small business owner (and parent) it's such an important lesson to learn that you are stronger in numbers, and the beauty that is created when you put multiple creatives in 1 room compounds.


Enjoy & dream. See the full look book here. or enjoy this selection of some my faves.





Photographer + Creative Producer: Danny Owens

Stylist: Danielle Davis

Model: Emily Mills


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