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Stacked rings on fingers


Stacking & Layering Rings Like a BOSS!

I've created 6 steps and 3 pre-styled sets for you to be a more confident stacker.

In this age of more online shopping, and less in-person events, you might be feeling like it's too hard to buy rings online. I want to take the confusion out, and make it really easy for you.

Lucky for me my mom and grandmother always wore lots of rings, on every finger possible. So when it came to layering them on my own fingers I think I've always just had the knack, thanks to them. Read on for my steps!

STEP 1: Know Your Sizes!

Know your rings sizes. And not just your ring finger. All fingers look good with rings on them!

RING SIZERS we have these handy dandy ring sizers available for FREE so we can get you on the right track for sizing and stacking. Use the code RINGBOSS in the check out to eliminate the shipping charges. This one is on me! 

PERSONAL FAVE: My fave are the ring and the middle fingers. These are the most comfortable for me. But I love to switch it up with a combo of pointer finger and thumb occasionally.

PRO-TIP: Be aware of temperature and that-time-of-the-month size fluctuations. I switch one of my rings to another finger for a few days to deal with these fluctuations.

Step 2: Mixed Metal is GOOD

Purposefully mix gold tones and silver. They look amazing together. I promise. And don't be afraid to honor this rule through out your wardrobe - with necklaces for sure!

PRO-TIP: I have a little rule of thumb… think odd numbers. 1 brass and two silver or vice versa. Or one big ring beside 2 little rings. Similarly, one thick chain, with 2 dainty ones. You get the point. This applies to home decorating too. Things always look better with a little asymmetrical magic.

Step 3: Pile It On!

Pile it on and see how it feels. Wear it around for the day, and adjust if necessary. Once I find something comfortable I leave it. Like for a long time. I've been wearing the same ring stack for a while. But it HAS evolved. Especially as I've fallen in love with new pieces. I find a way to make them work.

PRO-TIP The more you stack on a finger the larger the size you might need for all the rings in general, for a good fit. The skin under your ring needs a place to go. This will be a helpful tip when experimenting with all the rings in your jewelry box.

...a ring that fits your middle finger may be a little too big for your ring finger, but by stacking a smaller ring on top of it you may be able to increase your options for wear... — -Rebekah J.

Step 4: Smaller Keeps Bigger!

Have a ring that feels a little too big? Stack one on top that’s more true to size to keep it on.

PRO-TIP: A ring that's much too big will just spin around on your finger and probably be annoying so don’t go too big here. For example, a ring that fits your middle finger may be slightly too big for your ring finger, but by stacking a smaller ring on top of it you may be able to increase your options for wear by having a ring that fits more than one finger.

showing two rings of mixed metals together
using the dot dash rings as a midi ring

Step 5: Don’t forget about the little guys.

You’ve got 5 fingers on each hand! Switch it up, use all your digits! Pinkies and thumbs count and are actually really comfortable, and SUPER fun, when you find the right ring for them. It might be something super simple like a plain band on the thumb, but even something like our U-Ring looks so bad ass on my thumb. Have you heard of midi rings? Midi rings are smaller sized rings that fit on the space between your 1st and 2nd knuckle, close to the tip of your finger See photo in section above. These are a blast to play with. I've found that a midi that fits on my pointer finger, also fits well on my pinky finger. Having a ring that fits more that one finger will increase your options for layering and wear.

PRO-TIP: I can modify our rings to fit larger sizes, just ask! I wanted a thumb ring so I stretched a U-Ring up to a size 10 so that I could wear it. I love it.

OK are you ready for my final step?

The coolest one yet?

It's going to blow your mind...

Mixed metal rings with diamonds

Step 6: Precious + Everyday = WINNER

Mixing diamonds and everyday jewelry? YES YOU BET!! I love the organic opulence it gives. Some might find that layering with their wedding rings a bit of a no-no, but in my opinion it’s a real yes-yes!

My style has changed a bit since I got married, and I love that adding a layer of my organic feeling pieces gives a look that’s closer to what I might pick for my wedding set today. And, adding a ring to my wedding set doesn't make me love my husband any less - or him me for that matter. ❤️

layering lots of rings, one on the middle ring, and 5 on the ring finger including some small gemstone rings


STEP 1: Know your sizes!
STEP 2: Mixed Metal is GOOD
STEP 3: Pile it on & Have fun!
STEP 4: Smaller Keeps Bigger!
STEP 5: Don't forget the little guys!
STEP 6: Precious + Everyday = WINNER

PS: those little stacking gemstone rings in the last photo... those will be up on the site soon too! ☺︎ We will have your favorite RJD colors available and will be introducing 2 new babes to the circuit.  Ok, now don't forget to get your FREE RING SIZERS.



Go for the gusto, fellow bold stacker! This set has some of our larger rings, but they very naturally play well together or separately.

For this set add a: LOYAL,TRUST, INTUITION to your cart.

TIPS: consider sizing up on one of rings you're going to layer.


This stack will keep things simple while helping you branch out a bit. A little organic and a little daring with out taking up too much space, this is a great set to start stacking with.

For this set add a: DOT DASH + INTUITION to your cart.

TIP: consider wearing the Dot Dash ring facing down (opposite of how it's shown here) to create a visual elongation of your finger.  


Party time right here, yall! Stacking two Olympic rings together creates an instant feel of glamour and party! I love wearing the Olympic ring, but opt for 2 when I'm headed to a wedding or a fancier date night.

For this set add: 2 OLYMPIC Perhaps one with a pearl and one without! OR, mix metals and do one silver and one brass! It's so good!

TIP: size up for this stack! The space needed on your finger is much greater and will require a larger size. 


This was the first ring stack I ever made and it's often the easiest one that friends new to stacking like. It's comfortable and cost effective for a striking look.

For this set add: a DOT DASH + a U RING

TIP: Consider mixing metal here! I love a silver Dot Dash with a brass U-Ring!


I often reach for a combination of these 3 rings to create my daily stack. Although I'm not wearing it in this photo (but you can see it it most of the other images) I'm almost always wearing the Loyal ring on my middle finger.

For this set add: an INTUITION, TRUST + AKOYA

TIP: When stacking several pieces making sure your rings aren't too tight is really important. 


Ok, one last set of ideas. On my middle finger I've got a really sweet set. The Rivulet and the Ebb ring look so nice together!

For this set add: RIVULET+ EBB

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Eve Mitchell

I love to stack statement rings, and they’re the only jewelry that I really feel comfortable wearing. I really liked what you said about using smaller rings on your pinky for a bit of extra fun. I’ll definitely try to find some small ones that compliment the statement pieces I already have.

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