Making our new block prints

by Rebekah Jaramillo

I took some linocutting classes when I was in college and recently was inspired by a friend who was doing some printing so I dug out my old tools from college and had some fun! 
Here's how it all started. When I need a boost of creativity I start my mornings with what I call "free-drawing". I am not a great sketch artist and so drawing some THING can be daunting. However, free drawing is supposed to be NOTHING. I simply let my brain check out of rules and due dates and I let my hand play on the paper. 

black and white pen and ink drawing in a sketch book laid with linocutting tools and a canvas bag

In this instance I came up with something that I loved the look of, and after being inspired by a friend who was learning linocutting I dug out my old tools from college and got to work. 
The design wasn't perfect, so I scanned it, edited it, printed out and reworked portions with my pen again. It was a freeing process to be able to keep printing off copies to make it "just right."
The end result is the recent collection of block printed goods. I just love the imagery and will likely do more at some point.
It is no surprise that many parts from this drawing, especially the textures I received in the prints, will be part of an upcoming jewelry collection!

The end results make me real happy: images of block printed goods, a gift being wrapped in a cloth, a woman in a hat wearing a bandana, a black and white bag filled with a towel, sunglasses and a hat, sitting on the ground in front of a cactus

Here's a video of my process:


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