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My Small Biz Faves!

I am so excited to share with you a round up of a few businesses that I love, who I hope you'll love soon too - if you're not already. I have either recently purchased from these companies, or have carts with goods I'm coveting from these businesses for the coming gift giving season and think you should too!

Let's talk HOLIDAYS. I know, it's barely Halloween and I'm talking holidays already…. but small businesses need you so much, and we don't offer 1 day or 2 day shipping like the big guy. And nope, we don't carry everything you might need.

But what we do have is: 

1. special

2. made with love - by hand

3. will be cherished

4. and is totally amazing

Without further adieu here are 5 amazing small WOMEN run businesses for you to fall in love with. #shopsmall



First up, Marigold Spa. This sweet all organic spa is located in downtown Roslyn. Although it's a bit out of Seattle area, I'm hoping to make it out for a quiet day to my self, pampered by Tiann. Seattlites may know Tiann Stubberfield as the owner of several West Seattle establishments; Flourish Beauty and Spruce Apothecary. She also just sold Juniper Natural Nails to her staff!

I was lucky enough to work with Tiann on the branding for Marigold, as well as Flourish Beauty (branding #1 and #2!) Juniper Natural Nails, and Spruce Apothecary! She is pure walking joy and happiness. Her Instagram feeds are always inspiring, thoughtful, and heartfelt.

Besides a facial or gift certificate, I think some of her best gift giving items would be any of the incredible products she sells. I am a HUGE Eminence Organics fan thanks to her! If you haven't spent any time in Spruce Apothecary, they're going to be a top spot for gifts for me. Specifically this (from another local friend!)

With nature and experience as my guide, I will work with you to create a sacred space for your skincare and wellness needs, while cultivating the tools within you on how to fortify the need for self care into your daily life. TIANN - Owner

Sam Dodie Studio

Sam Dodie Studio Mugs - Seattle, WA
Sam Dodie Studio Ceramic Vase with squiggles - Seattle, WA
Sam Dodie Studio Ceramic Mug - Seattle, WA

I am a sucker for ceramics. I get such a kick out of the shapes and patterns that Sam Block creates over at Sam Dodie Studio. A Seattle based ceramicist, she's just moved her studio into her basement so I've heard that inventory is low - however - she's one to watch! Follow her on IG!


Blaksands Vintage - Seattle, WA
Blaksands Vintage - Seattle, WA
Blaksands Vintage - Seattle, WA

Michelle Moore is the savvy shopper behind Blaksands Vintage. She's also the brilliant photographer behind Michelle Moore Photo. I have one of the sweatshirts from her Tye-Dye Collection, and it's heavenly. I've watched a few items fly off her virtual shelves this season that I was pining over before I could get to them, so you've gotta sign up for her mailing list so you don't miss out. She's got a great eye! She's also an incredibly kind soul, who's instagram account is really informative. If you're looking for info on how to care for vintage garments, business transparency, and how-to-style-it tips, she's got you! Follow her vintage account and her photography account for goodness. account on IG! And don't forget to sign up for her mailing list because when it's gone it's gone!


TUMBLE - New Mexico
TUMBLE - New Mexico
TUMBLE - New Mexico

Your might already be familiar with Kyla Harpers jewelry brand, TUMBLE, but if you don't you should. She makes super sweet jewelry, but today I wanted to share some of the gift items from her shop that I'm coveting! She's got a little online shop (used to be brick and mortar) and she sells a curated selection of goods from other shops and makers. It's like a toofer! 2 for one! I recently purchased some of these magical key rings (ok, maybe I kept one), as well as some of the candles that turn into pots (yes more ceramics). I think these cute little scrunchies will be perfect for a little someone in this house! Her recent COZY Collection, is perfect for fall + holiday

I should also mention how amazing Kyla is herself. I've often reached out to her when I was struggling for advice, or tips and she's always an open book. I find her work ethic incredibly inspiring, and if you're looking for house inspiration - she's remodeling her first home and I'm drooling! Entrepreneurship can sometimes be isolating and I've truly appreciated the transparency she's given me.


Nourishing Notes - Humor, Family, Friends, Wine - Print
Nourishing Notes - Sardines Tea Towel
Nourishing Notes - Trust Your Gut not the Recipe, Tea Towel

I met Julie, of Nourishing Notes 2 years ago at a tradeshow and have loved her work since. It centers around food, and love, and friendship, and family - all things I love about my life. Oh and wine. (yussss)

Based out of Chicago, she runs the company with the help of her husband and daughter (sound familiar?). She's even collaborated with her daughter to create some amazing free downloadable coloring sheets! I can't even with the cuteness. I've got a few friends who I'll be shopping for from her! The tea towels are the best!


Whew! Aside from being an easy shopping list for my friends and family for my birthday and for xmas (ahemmmmm, husband) I hope you love these, support them, and give them a follow on their social accounts to keep up with them. But mostly this blog is to urge you to support your small and local businesses this holiday season. With so many in-person events cancelled, we need your support more than ever. Let's make this holiday season a great one for small businesses!! SHOP SMALL! 

And speaking of support, let's talk about what that can look like. I'm not just talking about spending your money with folks, though that is important. There are so many ways that you can support small businesses with out spending a dime!

Here are 7 ways you can support them WITHOUT spending money.

7 Ways to Support Small Businesses for Free

  1. Write a review.
  2. Tell your friends and family about the business.
  3. Follow the business on social media.
  4. Engage with the business on social media.
  5. Share about your interactions with the business.
  6. Use the business' hashtag when sharing about them. (ours is #rebekahjdesigns)
  7. Let the business know how much you love them by sending them a message. It makes us feel ruuulll good when we know you've connected to something we've worked hard on.

So let's get to it friends! Support small this holiday & always, really. Just make sure you do it early! My work is made by hand and it takes time. 


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