Over the course of launching this collection I've had some wonderful conversation with you all about your own inner vessels. You said some really touching and thought provoking things.


a vessel is for something that sustains us - mentally, emotionally and physically. It holds the elements I need to thrive, and is able to shed those elements that don’t “fill” me up. -Laura
[vessel] conjures the openness and capacity to carry or hold whatever it is your were designed to carry -For me, the word "vessel" conjures the openness and capacity to carry or hold whatever it is your were designed to carry. Crafted with purpose for love, creativity, divinity, energy, emotions. -Danielle

Today I wanted to share more about why it matters to give the subject of your vessels a physical body.

This collection began as an exploration of seeing metaphors in the evolving state of natural vessels and my own inner vessels. Finding beauty in the way objects are worn by water, disruptions or growth stages and visualizing the evolving spaces within myself where I’m carrying pain and trauma, but most certainly my joy, triumphs and dreams.

Tao Te Ching Quote

During my research I learned how physical contact with objects can trigger a neurological impulse that can stimulate healing. Through touch we can connect the outer world with our self awareness as a form of self-care, healing and well being. By connecting emotionally, physically, and intellectually with objects we help to foster our own mental health. 

Healing doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be from sorrow or trauma, though we likely are all carrying some of this, but healing can be in the form of honor for our triumphs and joys, and holding space for our dreams for what’s to come in our lives.

By creating objects for you to hold and keep on our body and sharing visuals that show the beauty in the evolving state of natural vessels I hope to give you an opportunity to create a link between your inner vessel and the space within to heal. 

I created this video Take a walk with me down this guided visual of my inspirations in making this collection. 

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