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Hand with green marks on fingers from brass rings

Help! Brass is turning my finger green!

Rings Turning Fingers Green

Shown above are my green marks on the inside go my finger (top) the top of my hands (bottom left) and demonstrating the amount of looseness of my rings. Not too tight! 


"Help!! My fingers are green under my rings! What's wrong?"

This is a very normal reaction with brass especially but even with silver. It's to be expected and nothing is wrong with you or the jewelry. Both silver and brass are an alloy that contains copper which reacts with your PH levels, body sweat, and moisture. It happens with mine rings as well! Though it can be annoying it's completely harmless.


Here are some things to know and some tips to help!

1. Make sure that the rings aren't too tight

The tighter they are the less airflow and the more chances of creating moisture between your ring and your finger. If you haven't sized yourself with one of our ring sizers - they're free!


2. Keep hands clean & dry and remove rings when washing. Dry hands completely before replacing rings

**I will be completely honest here that I often shower in mine and wear them during workouts but my normal reaction isn't very extreme. Water will not harm the metal. They are waterproof. It is simply your PH level that creates this reaction.


3. Clean your jewelry

Tarnish that develops in your jewelry box will rub right off on your skin. Wearing it is often the best deterrent for tarnish (especially with silver! Think of all those spoons you needed to polish at grandmas... did any really do that or was that just in movies??... I never did that stuff! HAH!) Here are my tips for cleaning!


4. Nail polish inside

Add a little layer of clear nail polish on the inside of your ring. It's an easy and inexpensive fix!


5. Gold plating

I offer a gold plating option for my rings. It's a great way to keep that shine as well as prevent any reactions between you and the rings. I only send items for plating just a few times a year, so make sure you plan ahead with me! Sign up for my mailing list 


6. Rhodium plating

A local jewelry store can plate the inside of your ring! It's about $30 bucks or so depending on where you go. I have never done this before and do not have a source for it. But inquire at your local jewelry store! let me know what they say.

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