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To FAIRE or not to FAIRE?

To FAIRE or not to FAIRE?



I've been thinking about how this business needs to change. Shopkeepers, and makers alike will both be changing the way that they operate. I want to keep on top of that and make things easier. The trade shows that I've recently participated in, and had so much success with, will certainly be different - at least until a vaccine has been developed. Packed spaces full of people shopping my work... ya it certainly seems like it would be a huge financial risk to both makers who show up to vend and shopkeepers who show up to buy. IF either of them show up and IF these shows are even allowed to open back up. I've received emails from both shows I've been interested in that they are looking at October. Personally, and I could totally change my mind at some point, but these are my thoughts for now, I think October is still too soon to think that we will be allowed to be in such large spaces with large numbers of people.

That being said, I want to explore ways that shops will find my work. I mean I still want to quit my day job (I know... that seems so crazy to say in this crazy economy which is likely at the start of a huge recession). I have hope that shops will open back up, people will still need gifts, and shelves at shops will need fresh supply. "Where will they be finding fresh content?", is my biggest question.

I was contacted recently by Faire and wondered what it look like for me to participate there (politely ignoring their emails until I get some grounding). It seems a bit expensive for makers, but so is travelling to NYC, and doing tons of shows. Would the expense incurred by Faire be the same, less, more than the cost of doing a trade show? At some point I think it will end up being like Etsy for me. Too much saturation to stand out, too much time invested with little output. But for now, I'm really intrigued.

Are you a maker or a shopkeeper who has input about Faire? I'd love to know more. I developed a quick questionnaire with 5 easy questions - one for makers and another for shopkeepers. If you're interested in helping me with some of my questions, pop on over here!

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