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A Letter to Costco

by Rebekah Jaramillo



Dear Costco,

We’ve been together for nearly 23 years. Over 1/2 my life and you’ve given me AMAZING things; my future husband, braces on my and my child’s teeth, helped me pay off my car loan and college loans, buy 2 homes, you gave me time off to have a baby and helped me build a 401k, but above all this I’ve found IN.CREDIBLE friendships within your concrete walls. So much of my life is tied to you, Costco, and I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve given me, and what I’ll take with me as we part ways.

Finally. I’ve been dreaming of this so long it feels so surreal to be really happening


It’s time for me to go - To leave your nest and blow this trail I’ve been paving out into it’s full blown path. It’s time for me to take all I’ve been giving of myself to you, and pour it into my family and my dreams. Finally. I’ve been dreaming of this so long it feels so surreal to be really happening.

It’s hard for me to imagine my life without you, but at the same time I’ve envisioned this moment for at least the last 20 years. So much so I didn’t know how to feel yesterday when I walked out your giant roller doors. So many days I have envisioned myself quitting with a mic drop. But yesterday I just walked away - arms laden with cards, flowers, treats, a very full heart and a giant perma-grin.

Today, I begin something new.

1/2 MY LIFE - Now for the next chapter
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by michael thomas on October 20, 2020

this is great – so happy for you; you’ve worked so hard. follow your dreams; they will take you far!


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